Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Help me follow my dreams!

Not really sure how to start this out, so I guess I will start my introducing myself. Hi everyone, I'm Breanna. I'm nineteen years old, and will be turning twenty on November 22nd. Also, I am 5'9. I recently just applied for an art school and got accepted into their Bachelor's program for Fashion Marketing! I pretty much dropped everything I was going to school for before (which was Nursing) and applied for a new school. Although I love helping people (and thought Nursing would be perfect for that) I figured I can help people in a way that I'm actually passionate about. I've always been keen on fashion and decided it was time to make a change. So, I applied to this school and was accepted. Financially I wasn't ready seeing that I only had one parent who could help support me since my dad passed away when I was almost 8 and a minimum wage job in retail wasn't cutting it, so I applied for loans and was approved for them all. So paying off my debt shall be fun after I finally do get a job after school. 

I also recently just walked into my old modeling/acting school that I attended and graduated from. I found out they were going to New York for this awesome event where 300 agencies for Modeling, Acting, Singing, Dancing and so on would be there! Modeling agencies such as Elite Models, and Ford Models are going to be there. This could be my big break, ay?! Years ago when I attended this school (I was around the age of 12) I was able to model and speak in front of 600-800 people and 12 agents. SEVEN out of twelve agents called me back! Such an exciting feeling right?! Well seeing that my mother was in school, and was a single parent with two other children as well she couldn't take me to my callbacks. I was called to go to New York to try out for commercials of course two hours before they needed me! I lived a few hours away, and was in school and my mother felt school was more important. I've always been told I needed to model. Even random people I come across occasionally mention it. As for the acting part, I've always loved acting as well. I've been in plays in middle school where I landed the lead roles! 

So you can see, going to New York can really be a big break for me! I've wanted to model and act for as long as I can remember and I am positive a lot will come out of this. Now that you all have a background and know a little about me I can tell you that yes I am asking for donations. Any donations would help me.The only thing is I don't have $3,500 to pull out of my ass, unfortunately. I wish I did, but I don't. I just need people to have a little faith in me and help me out if you can. To friends and family I will give pieces of jewelry I make to you to show my gratitude. To others, for now all I can give you is a sincere and honest thank you. I will try to set up a P.O Box where I can send out pieces of jewelry to donators who leave me their addresses but for now I will just send you thanks.

Here are some pieces of jewelry I made:

I'm sure for people who don't know me, you're wondering what's this mystery gal look like? Well here's a bunch of photos of me:

So yeahhhhhhhh, that's me! If you think I deserve this and would like to help my dreams come true please hit the button below. Thank you sooo much to everyone that helps me out. It truly means the world to me, and it's VERY much appreciated!!!

XOXO, Breanna. 

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